About us


First place in Krakow where you can eat great Kumpir – a delicious, quick and cheap meal. In a country where potato reigns this delicacy could not be missed. In the heart of Kraków, half-way between the Main Square and Kazimierz, a new place was established where you can enjoy our unique and one of a kind specialty called Kumpir.

Kumpir a huge baked potato. Its base is always butter, cheese and aromatic spices. These ingredients are mixed together to form a delicious fluffy cheese-potato mix. Our Kumpir can be served with fillings such as bacon, chicken, mushrooms, ham, feta cheese, etc.. (See menu). Potatoes can be baked in a traditional oven gas, electric, convection oven, microwave oven, on the grill or over an open fire. Some restaurants, like ours, use appropriate ovens for the baking of large quantities of potatoes, and then keep them warm and ready to serve immediately.