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Each of our potatoes is baked in a special oven, so that the entire content was soft and the crust was lightly browned. A well baked potato is a guarantee of success.

Garlic butter and cheese are the flavour basis of our Kumpir. We add carefully selected seasonings and known to all salt and pepper.

Time to do some work. Grab a fork or a knife and mix all the ingredients thoroughly with the agility and diligence of a chef until a single and delicoius mass is formed.

From this point on every Kumpir is different. The customer can choose the sauce, with which he wants to emphasize the flavor of his food. We can choose between the following sauces: 1000 islands, garlic or spicy.

Depending on the taste preferences of each Kumpir fan our specialty will contain meat or vegetables additives. Everyone will find something just right for him. It is important that we prepare all the extras ourselves.

The base of a Kumpir is 500 g – if you add sauces, vegetables and meat our Kumpir weighs almost (or even above) 1kg. It looks great and tastes even better. Tempted? 馃檪


First place in Krakow where you can eat great Kumpir – a delicious, quick and cheap meal. In a country where potato reigns this delicacy could not be missed. In the heart of Krak贸w, half-way between the Main Square and Kazimierz, a new place was established where you can enjoy our unique and one of a kind specialty called Kumpir.

Kumpir a huge baked potato. Its base is always butter, cheese and aromatic spices. These ingredients are mixed together to form a delicious fluffy cheese-potato mix. Our Kumpir can be served with fillings such as bacon, chicken, mushrooms, ham, feta cheese, etc.. (See menu). Potatoes can be baked in a traditional oven gas, electric, convection oven, microwave oven, on the grill or over an open fire. Some restaurants, like ours, use appropriate ovens for the baking of large quantities of potatoes, and then keep them warm and ready to serve immediately.


Ayran and Kefir

Napoje / Polecane

Kumpir own composition


Kumpir traditional

Cottage cheese Kumpir


Ham Kumpir

Greek Kumpir

Mountain Kumpir


Fried egg with bacon

Kumpir miesi膮ca / Najpopularniejsze / Nowo艣ci / Polecane

Kumpir with chicken

Kumpir bacon-mushroom

Kumpir Krakow

Najpopularniejsze / Polecane

Kumpir Chilli Con Carne



Chcesz otworzy膰 w艂asny biznes?

Sta膰 si臋 w艂a艣cicielem dochodowej restauracji lub sieci lokali?

Ta oferta jest dla Ciebie!

Krakowski Kumpir zaprasza do wsp贸艂pracy wszystkie zainteresowane osoby, kt贸re chc膮 sta膰 si臋 w艂a艣cicielem lokalu gastronomicznego na drodz臋 franczyzy.
Nie musisz mie膰 do艣wiadczenia – wystarczy, 偶e masz czas i kapita艂 oraz jeste艣 osob膮 odpowiedzialn膮, pracowit膮 i sumienn膮. Wszystkiego od podstaw nauczymy Ci臋 sami.

– 4 dni szkole艅 dla w艂a艣ciciela oraz pracownik贸w
– pomoc w znalezieniu odpowiedniego lokalu oraz jego aran偶acji
– dob贸r wyposa偶enia
– pomoc w rekrutacji personelu
– gotowy system informatyczny
– wsparcie we wszystkich czynno艣ciach zwi膮zanych z uruchomieniem lokalu
– wdro偶enie procedur obowi膮zuj膮cych w restauracji
– podr臋cznik informacyjny
– sta艂y dost臋p do wszystkich produkt贸w i receptur, na kt贸rych pracuje lokal
– wsp贸ln膮 polityk臋 marketingow膮 sieci oraz produktu
– sta艂膮 opiek臋 oraz nadz贸r nad Twoim lokalem.

Warunki wsp贸艂pracy:
– Lokalizacja: w du偶ych miastach, lokal o powierzchni 35 m2 (sprzeda偶 okienna) do 100 m2
– Przewidywany koszt inwestycji: 70 000 – 130 000 z艂 netto w zale偶no艣ci od lokalu, jego stanu i wielko艣ci
– Wst臋pna op艂ata franczyzowa: 5 000 z艂 netto
– Sta艂a miesi臋czna op艂ata franczyzowa: 1 500 z艂 netto

Je艣li jeste艣 zainteresowany to prosimy o kontakt mailowy lub telefoniczny w celu um贸wienia spotkania, na kt贸rym jasno i przejrzy艣cie przedstawimy wszystkie warunki wsp贸艂pracy.


Grzeg贸rzecka 3 (parking przy Hali Targowej)
ul. Grzeg贸rzecka 3, 31 鈥 532 Krak贸w

Opening hours

Mon. – Thu. 11 – 4

Fri. – Sat. 11 – 6

Sun. 6 – 2



  • Tomek

    Phenomenal idea for food unbeatable for fast food. Completely new view on potatoes. Full of flavor and filling.

  • Piotrek

    Great idea, brilliant taste and appearance. I highly recommend If you love to eat well.

  • Malwina

    Haven’t eaten so much since a long time. Amazing taste sensations. For those potatoes I gave up on other fast-food.

  • Anna

    I just love it! Simple, tasty and filling! :)

  • Dominika

    La patata impeccabile!!!!ZIEMNIAK, KT脫RY WYMIATA!!!!!The best of the best jacket potatoes!!!!

  • Micha艂

    Awesome! Here you can really fill up properly :)

  • 艁ukasz

    Exquisite potato :-)